3 Tips to Ensure the Best Performance from your Washing Machine


Your washing machine is one of the most important appliances in your home, and it’s often taken for granted, until it breaks down. A washing machine breakdown can mean you run out of school uniforms or work clothes, and means visiting the laundrette until you can get it repaired. That’s why it’s important to carry out routine maintenance to reduce the likelihood of a breakdown, and save you money in the long run. If you live in the Midlands, here’s some advice for making your washing machine last longer, and to get the best performance.

1. Descale

Many areas of the West Midlands suffer from hard water. You may notice it in places such as your kettle or showerhead, but it can be harder to spot in appliances. Those who carry out washing machine repair in Birmingham and the surrounding areas will tell you how easily limescale can build up, affecting the machine’s performance and leading to breakdowns. Luckily, you can buy limescale remover from hardware stores, and even supermarkets, and it’s easy to use. In a hard water area, it’s best to use it every three months for the best results.

2. Clean your machine

Like any appliance, washing machines can get dirty over time. If clothes are coming out not smelling fresh, or your machine isn’t properly removing stains, then it might just need a clean. Like descaling, this is easy to do using products you can buy in the supermarket, and you simply need to follow the instructions to run the cleaner through the machine.

Running an empty machine on the hottest cycle is also a good way to clean it, and you should also wipe around the door seal, and clean out the drawers regularly.

3. Empty your filter

Most people don’t empty their washing machine filter until they notice poor performance, but it’s worth checking regularly for stray hair clogs, coins, and blockages. If you have a standard machine you can usually do this yourself by:

  • Finding the debris filter – it’s usually at the front bottom of your machine
  • Unplugging the machine
  • Putting down towels and a bowl to catch excess water
  • Opening the cover – you’ll usually need a coin to turn it
  • Taking out the drainage tube, allowing water to flow out into the bowl
  • Take out the cap and remove any debris
  • Replace cap and re-cover tightly

If your machine is performing poorly, then the debris filter is one of the first things to check, as even small items can quickly clog a machine, causing issues. If you’re unable to empty the filter, look for specialists in appliance repair in Solihull, as they can give you advice according to your make and model.

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