4 Tips to Follow to Fix your Smelly Washing Machine


If you use your washing machine on a daily basis, you might relate to some of the common operational problems. One of the recurrent issues is the bad smell caused by the dirt and lint on your appliance. It may be caused by a prolonged accumulation of dirt, body fluid, grime and food particles cleaned from your apparel.

Why Does your Washing Machine Smell Bad?

The sediments of dust and grime can be a potential hub for the growth of bacteria and microbes inside your washing machine. A putrid smell is only the initial stage of this problem. As the owner of the washing machine, you must take all the steps to mitigate that issue.

How to Get Rid of Bad Odour from your Washing Machine?

In this blog, we will discuss some beneficial tips to eliminate odour from your washing machine. For professional assistance, you can contact an expert in washing machine repairs in Sutton Coldfield.

  • Check for Mould: The rim of the washing machine’s door is covered by a rubber seal. It is an important component of the appliance which can encourage the growth of mould. The mould can damage the seal if the rubber is not cared for properly. To prevent mould growth on the rubber seal, you can wipe it with a clean, damp cloth weekly. If the issue needs serious attention, call in a professional washing machine repairer.
  • Clean the Vent and Duct: Apart from the rubber seal and other components, mould can also form on the vent and ductwork of the washing machine. You may find a musty smell in the initial stage. If it is not cared for, your appliance may catch fire. To get rid of the smell, you should use a vacuum attachment or a lint brush to remove the debris from the vent and duct.
  • Clean the Detergent Drawer: The opening for putting detergent is another crucial part of your washing machine. The container and the surrounding area can contribute to bad odours. A proper solution would be to clean the detergent drawer regularly. You can use soapy water or a bleaching agent to clean the detergent tray.

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