5 Proven Signs That Your Washing Machine Dryer Needs Immediate Repair


Dryers play an integral role in every household. Especially during the snowing afternoons and the monsoon mornings when the clothes refuse to dry naturally, the washing machine dryer will get you out of the tricky situation. What if the same stops functioning suddenly? You need to call professionals immediately for home appliance care. However, this sudden damage can often be avoided if you pay attention to the sure shot signs.

A dryer will give you warnings before it gets damaged completely. Look out for the signs and call the mechanic as soon as possible to get it repaired. If you delay or ignore the signs, there’s a high probability that you might end up in a fatal accident.

What are the Signs that Show your Dryer Needs Repair?

If the Dryer has Emitted Smoke Initially

Did your dryer emit sparks now and then? Please do not ignore the same, as it is a sign that the motor inside the dryer is not working well. The worst part is many people turn on the dryer and use it even after noticing the spark. This is something you should wait to do. Make sure you get the appliance checked by a professional before proceeding.

If the Dryer Runs Rather Than Spinning

Your dryer is supposed to spin and not run. However, if you notice the dryer only running and not spinning, there’s some problem with that. It also suggests that the dryer belt might have snapped. Get mechanics on board and ask them to fix the same to prevent further damage.

If there’s a Continuous Burning Smell

Sometimes, you will not notice a spark; a continuous smoke or burning smell might come out of the dryer. If this happens, it is a sure-shot sign that your dryer needs to be repaired without further delay. When you notice the smell, turn off the dryer immediately and wait for professionals to arrive.

If it Takes More than the Designated Time to Dry

The dryer, on average, takes 20 to 25 minutes to dry up the clothes. If your dryer takes more than 40 minutes, something is wrong with it, which must be fixed immediately. There might be problems with the sensor, electrical issues or problems with the motor as well.

If it Makes Unreasonable Noise

Dryers do not make unreasonable noise. However, if you notice the same in your dryer, then there’s something wrong with the same. In most cases, there are problems with the belt under such situations. Hiring a mechanic will help you get a feasible solution.

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