Common Problems You May Face with the Igniter of Your Built in Oven


A stove or oven is surely one of the most important components in your home. Being a widely used appliance for cooking, the ovens sometimes come in-built in a property. The oven generally consists of four parts: the burner, the pilot light, the igniter and the body.

Get Help from a Reliable Oven Repairer:

Damage to any part of the built-in oven can be costly. Like any mean machine, oven parts can fail to function properly. In such situations, you must communicate with a well-known oven repair professional. They can provide a closer look at the issue and follow the proper steps to mend it.

Common Problems with Built-in Oven Igniter:

The igniter is one of the most important parts of your built-in oven. If it fails to operate properly, you must consult an expert in built-in oven repair. The major issues involving the igniter of the oven are discussed below.

  • Loose Connection: The connection may become loose while cleaning or installing the built-in oven. This may prevent the wires from connecting the igniter properly. You would fail to get the intended spark that properly ignites the burner. For initial repairs, you can turn off the power, unplug the connection and flip the breaker switch. If the problem does not disappear, you must call in an oven repair expert.
  • Wrongly Positioned: Sometimes, the igniter may fail to give a spark if not positioned properly. Before calling in an expert, you may try to adjust the igniter and see if the problem gets fixed. If it’s not, you must definitely call in a repair professional.
  • Defective Gas Valve: A defective gas valve may prevent the igniter of the oven from getting enough gas. This may cause the failure to create a spark. In such situations, DIY methods won’t work for you. Be careful of checking any signs of gas leak from the valve too.
  • Clogged by Food Debris: It is one of the most common causes of the igniter failing to operate properly. Not cleaning breadcrumbs or grease build-up can cause a lot of trouble in igniting the oven. This can be the major cause of various other problems in future.

These are a few issues with the igniter in your built-in oven that you must take care of. To get them fixed from a reliable source, contact A&A Appliance Care. We have a professional team of built-in oven repair experts who have worked with multiple clients. To learn more, you can visit our website today.