Four Possible Reasons Why Your Electric Cooker is Not Working


When it comes to preparing meals for the day, there are a few convenient options as an electric cooker. This cooker solely operates on electricity, so you do not have to rely on gas or other fossil fuels. Additionally, these have several amenities that offer you a smooth cooking experience.

Call a Professional for Repair:

Being an electrical appliance, an electric cooker may need time-to-time repairs. However, you need not panic, as the component is not that complex. Critical servicing works can be done with the help of a professional in electric cooker repairs in Sutton Coldfield.

Why is Your Electrical Cooker Not Functioning?

Before calling in the repairers, it is important to know the top reasons why your cooker may cease to operate. These are discussed in detail below.

Issues with the Thermostat: The thermostat is an important component of an electric cooker. It is responsible for measuring the desired heat for cooking. Once the cooker reaches the desired temperature, the thermostat switches off automatically. If it doesn’t happen, you can be sure that it has some issues. Either your stove will get extremely hot or not get heated at all.

Terminal Blockage: This is a major issue with the electrical connection of your cooking appliance. Even though you switch on the plug point, your cooker may fail to get heated. Your local electrician can solve this problem. However, you may call an electrical cooker repairer to check if there’s any issue with your cooker.

Unable to Operate Control Board: Most modern cooktops or electric cookers have touch screen control boards. This is where you can view necessary details like temperature settings and timer. If you cannot view these, it is time that you take your cooker for servicing. A professional service will enable you to use it again smoothly.

Oven Fan: The fan in the electric cooker helps in an even, consistent cooking. If this component doesn’t function properly, you may have to consume half-cooked foods. To ensure that this issue gets addressed, it is necessary to replace the faulty fan. The new fan will help in a consistent distribution of the heat to achieve a perfect cooking experience.

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