How to Keep your Washing Machine Working in 3 Easy Steps


We rely on washing machines to regularly perform their task of keeping our clothes clean. However, if we don’t maintain the appliances properly, unfortunately, they will be prone to breaking down.

Sometimes our washing machines do not provide us the cleanest or freshest wash for our clothes, or simply stop working altogether. This is why we’ve put together these three easy steps that you can follow, to try and ensure that your appliance keeps running like new every time.

1. Never overload

Overloading our washing machines is probably one of the most common bad habits that we do, yet also one of the easiest ways to damage the appliance. Think to yourself: you’ve nearly fitted all your clothes in and keep going? Think again, and stop!

It’s not worth it, and you can save the additional clothes for the next load. Only put as many clothes as will reasonably fit in the machine. Otherwise, the machine will break down and also will not provide the cleanest wash. If you overfill your washing machine, this will unbalance the weight of the drum, which means you will need washing machine repairs.

2. When not in use, keep the door open

Most of us won’t think of doing this, and there is an impulse to close the washing machine door once you’ve finished using it. But think again. Whether your appliance in Birmingham is a top-loader or a front-loader, you should keep the door open between washes in order to allow the moisture inside to evaporate.

If you do not ‘air out’ the washing machine after using it, then the excess moisture will create a build-up, which in turn leads to mould or bacteria. Leaving the door open can seem like a hazard, particularly with a front-loader, yet it’s really worth doing to prevent mould and extend the life of your washing machine.

3. Give your washing machine a ‘deep clean’

If you are finding that your clothes are not coming out fully clean after running the cycle, or you are detecting a funny odour, then it may be time for a special clean of your machine. The good news is that this is easy to do.

Simply, run your washing machine through an empty cycle on a hot wash, using only laundry detergent. This should be enough to clean the machine, in the absence of needing to wash clothes. However, if you want to sanitise your machine further, then this is also a simple procedure. Deposit 1 tablespoon of laundry powder plus 3/4 cup of bleach and then run a soak cycle of your machine, followed by a rinse cycle to remove the bleach.

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