Preventing your Oven from Breaking Down Over Christmas


Oven breakdowns are annoying at the best of time, but when you’re expecting people for the festive period, it’s a nightmare. If you’re planning a big Christmas celebration, then it’s important to ensure your oven is in good condition and is ready to handle a big day of cooking. Many families in the West Midlands have large gatherings over the Christmas season, and here are some ways to prevent an oven breakdown that could hamper your plans. Give it a good clean

Oven cleaning doesn’t just help your oven stay sparkling, it can also remove dirt and grease that can cause a breakdown. Many people end up needing a cooker repair in Birmingham, simply because grime has built up, causing issues with the oven. Many cleaning products are available for ovens, although the harsh chemicals can be unpleasant, so a natural alternative is to:

  • Remove all racks and trays
  • Make a paste with baking soda and a few drops of water
  • Apply all over the oven, leaving overnight to work
  • Once it’s had time to work, use a small amount of vinegar in a spray bottle, covering the paste and causing it to foam
  • Use a damp cloth to remove

This is a cheap, easy way to clean an oven, and means you don’t have to worry about fumes affecting pets or children.

Do a Test Run

Some people only use their oven for re-heating ready meals, then come Christmas when they need to cook a feast, it simply isn’t up to the job. Do some baking in the run up to Christmas to ensure your oven will work for multiple hours. If it’s not performing well, look for experts in oven repair in Solihull who can get issues resolved before the big day. If your oven has different functions you plan to use, such as a grill, then test them out too. Follow your oven’s instructions

Oven breakdowns can often occur because of improper use. When you get a new oven, or are planning to cook a big meal, have a quick read of your oven’s manual. This will ensure you know all of its functions and are using it properly. Don’t put strain on the hinges

A common cause of oven breakdowns is broken hinges. People open the door, then rest their heavy turkey on top, and this breaks the hinges. Make sure you have a clear worktop nearby where you can rest hot trays. Use foil carefully

It’s fine to line trays or cover your turkey with foil, but don’t use it on the bottom of your oven. Some people try to avoid getting their oven dirty by placing a large sheet of foil at the bottom of the oven to catch drips. However, this can lead to inefficient cooking, and even melt the foil, damaging your oven. Simply make sure you wipe the bottom of your oven clean every time you cook instead.

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