Things to Do When Your Washing Machine Wont Spin


A washing machine is one of the most important appliances that you should have in your home. It saves you a lot of time and effort in doing your laundry. However, like other mechanical appliances, a washing machine may cease functioning properly due to unforeseen situations.

Improper Spin: A Common Washing Machine Problem

Sometimes, the washing machine would not be able to spin properly. It puts the user in an uncomfortable situation where they must call a repair professional to perform costly repairs. The causes for the damage to the spin cycle can be different for different types of machines.

The Causes of Disrupted Spin in Different Models:

The problem regarding the washing machine’s spin may happen for different reasons. As the owner of the machine, you must look into the problem and take time in identifying it. Here we discuss the common issues based on the model of the machine:

Semi-Automatic Washing Machines:

  • Overheated Motors
  • Blocked Drain Pipe
  • Cloth Overflow

Automatic Washing Machines:

  • Motor Failure
  • Non-Functional Lid Switch
  • Belt Detachment

Top Load Washing Machines:

  • Problematic Clutch
  • Lint Sedimentation

Few Ways to Ensure Proper Spin of Your Washing Machine:

In this blog, we will tell you how to fix your washing machine when it does not work properly. If you feel there is a serious problem with your machinery’s components, contact a washing machine repair professional.

  • Redistribute the Clothes in the Drum: It is one of the easiest solutions to fix the problem. The washing machine is unable to spin with a heavy load, so it will be better if you redistribute the load evenly. The clothes may settle on one side of the washing machine drum and prevent it from functioning properly. Newer machines are also unable to reach a high speed with off-balanced loads.
  • Ensure that the Machine is Getting Power: This advice may seem stupid initially. Nevertheless, you should check it to confirm that your washing machine receives power. The plug may get displaced from the plug due to a mild bump or a jiggle. If the machine does not operate even after checking the plug, you must check your home’s circuit panel. The tripping of the breaker may also cease the washing machine to spin.
  • Level the Position of the Washer: The washing machine may not spin properly if positioned on an uneven surface. The prominent signs of uneven placement are excessive noise and vibration during the wash cycle. For better operation, you should put the machine on a pedestal. It offers a level surface to place your washing machine without any trouble.

These are some easy ways to retain the optimum performance of your washing machine. If you feel that the problem needs proper attention, you must visit a professional repairer. Get in touch with A&A Appliance Care, one of the expert names for domestic appliance care in Coldfield. Our experts can look into the root of your problem and provide the perfect solution. For more details, you can visit our website.