Top 5 Reasons Why Your Oven is Not Turning On


You are ready to pop your delicious meal into the oven, only to find out that your oven won’t turn on. It is undoubtedly a rather harsh and challenging situation. This is why we have come up with this discussion. As a leading appliance repair in Birmingham, we highlight four reasons your oven will not turn on. In this context, we will highlight some ways to escape this challenging situation. 

Four Reasons Why your Oven Won’t Turn on

Before you decide to throw your oven out the window or order takeout, we suggest you review the common reasons for oven dysfunctions. 

  • The Oven is Not Getting the Power

One of the primary and underlying reasons your oven is not turning on is that it is not getting power. Power issues are an extremely common cause of oven malfunctions. They prevent the appliance from turning on. These issues can emanate from problems such as an unplugged cord, a tripped circuit breaker, a blown fuse, and much more. Unpredictable power surges can often cause severe damage to the oven’s internal components. All these lead to the oven’s failure to turn on properly.

  • Timed Bake Settings

Your oven’s time settings play a crucial and often underestimated role in its operations. If the oven’s clock is set to a delayed or timed bake, the oven might not turn on until the specified time. If this feature is accidentally activated, your oven might not turn on when you want it to. So, you should thoroughly check your oven’s clock settings and ensure that it is not set to a delayed start. You can simply look at the oven’s user manual to find out how to cancel the timer if activated.

  • A Failure of the Thermal Fuse

A thermal fuse in an oven functions like a safety mechanism. It prevents overheating by cutting off the power supply when the oven’s temperature exceeds a specified threshold. This heat-sensitive component interrupts the electrical circuit when it detects excessive heat. In this case, a blown thermal fuse needs to be replaced to restore functionality. We strongly advise you to consult a professional appliance repair technician for thorough diagnosis and repairs. 

  • Oven Control Board Issues

The control board is known as the central processing unit of your oven. It is responsible for coordinating its various functions. When these control boards malfunction, it can cause a range of issues preventing the oven from turning on.

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